About Bjades Mechanical Works

Bjades Mechanial Works was established in 1937 as the Bjades Mounting and Metal factory. It was the grandfather of Birgitta and Krister Bjade, the prior owners, who started the factory. The company is located in Ekenassjon which is situated between Eksjo and Vetlanda in Smaland, Sweden. Initially, the companies production was small scaled and primarily produced different types of mountings and gate locks for the local market.

As time went by the clients demand changed and Bjades Mechanical Works adapted accordingly. The company became more industrialized and increased its machine fleet to meet the new market demands. From its start as a minor mechanical shop, Bjades progressively transformed the company to what it is today, a full service partner with its customers. Today Bjades Mechanical Works is a modern manufacturer of advanced metal components and systems supplying a variety of companies. Our current areas of focus are the furniture, shop interior and vehicle industries. Bjades Mechanical Works delivers a wide range of products with the common denominator of all being manufactured in metal.

Bjades Mechanical Work’s core business concept is focused on flexibility where, to the degree possible, all metal components are produced within our own firm. Every effort is made by Bjades Mechanical Works to keep costs low and delivery times as short as possible on the wide range of parts and products we produce. We currently house all the machinery, supplies and equipment needed to design and produce your parts within the walls of our company. By working closely with our customers our design team is able to develop unique and efficient solutions thus creating an economical and productive manufacturing environment. Bjades Mechanical Works is a supplier of a wide variety of sub components and does not presently produce any of its own products.

Bjades Mechanical Works currently has an efficient and productive workforce of 30 producing gross annual revenue of 50 million SEK (Swedish Kronas). 



Bjädes Mekaniska AB | Brunnsgatan 8 | SE-574 50 Ekenässjön | Tel: +46 (0) 383 - 349 90